5 Shoe Trends You Need To Follow For The Perfect Summer Look

Do You Have any of These 5 Shoe Trends For Summer 2019?

The summer of 2019 is just around the corner and it brings with itself a new wave of chic and unique trends that will take your breath away and make sure you always look the most fashionable in the room.

Those stylish and breezy trends obviously bring a whole new collection of footwear which includes mules, PVC wedges, and much more. The trends of this summer are a mix of minimalist designs and exaggerated prints. Sounds crazy and exciting, right? We know.

So if you’re looking for a few hot and trendy pairs of shoes to renew your wardrobe with, you’re in the right place because the following are a few handpicked summer shoes that you need to buy right now.

Sculptural Heels

#1 Sculptural Heels:

Sculptural heels are a brand new summer trend that has taken our breath away with their uniqueness. The geometric style is immediately an attention grabber and will definitely turn heads with its artfully modern design. There is no way that putting on a pair of these showcase-worthy heels won’t immediately revolutionize your attire with straightforward modernism.

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Strappy Sandals

#2 Strappy Sandals:

The goal of these strappy sandals, or better known as the ‘naked sandal’, is to give you the impression of bare and stark footwear. The nostalgic and minimalistic design takes us back to the late 90s and effortlessly gives you the Carrie Bradshaw look that we all unknowingly want.

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Snakeskin Print Shoes

#3 Snake Print Shoes:

There’s no denying that snake print has become a favorite of all our fashion icons, which is why there couldn’t be a better idea than incorporating that print into shoes as well this season. Opt of a bold look this summer by embodying this fierce print into your style and pair with a trendy midi dress.

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PVC Wedges

#4 PVC Wedges:

The summer of 2019 is all about going for that ‘naked’ look, and we mean that in a good way. PVC details have taken over the fashion industry this season with their ability to make a statement without even doing anything at all. You’d be surprised at how flattering the clearness of PVC looks when paired with a solid-colored pair of wedges that compliment your outfit.

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Sporty Sandals

#5 Sporty Sandals:

You may be feeling a bit skeptical at the thought of embracing this trend with their history in the 2000s but we assure you, this comeback of Teva sandals has been given the designer treatment in the best way possible and looks better than ever. When worn with a midi skirt and a pair of dainty socks, these sporty sandals are the epitome of all things comfortable, fashionable, and nostalgic. 

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That’s a wrap on 5 summer shoe trends that you need to get with if you want to ace the easy, breezy, and modern summer look wherever you go. These 5 shoe trends represent the voguism and artistry that surrounds the fashion trends of this summer of 2019. Now that you’re familiar with the allure of snakeskin print shoes and strappy sandals, you can easily incorporate them into any outfit and be the chicest girl at any beach.

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