8 Ways to Embrace The Chic Calm Look With Feather

Feather Trends To Glam Yourself Up With This Year

Fashion-wise, the year of 2019 is all about making statements in the most unique ways possible with your outfits. When you think of feathered anything, you think of all things extravagant and over the top, which is why the eye-catching feather trend that has seemingly taken over the fashion industry is perfect for this year.

This trend is the epitome of Hollywood and its glamour. So if you’re looking for a way to incorporate this exuberant trend into your everyday wear, read on to find out the 8 feather trends you should follow to easily glam yourself up this year.

#1 Feathered Pants:

The comeback of this hip-70s trend is making us feel extremely nostalgic. As if bell bottoms weren’t already loved enough, glamming the article up with feathers has made them a fan favorite once again and is worn by our favorite fashion icons of NYC.

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#2 Feathered Blazer:

Adding a glamorous touch to professional attire can never be a bad idea, and that is evident when runway models effortlessly rock the trendy and voguish feathered blazer that stole our hearts in no time.

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Feathered Skirt

#3 Feathered Skirts:

We know a tight mini-skirt is adorable enough on its own, but there’s really no better addition to it than voluminous feathers bordering the hemline of the skirt. This instantly glams up your whole outfit and makes you look party-ready in no time.

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Feathered Bags

#4 Feathered Bags:

An adorable little feathered bag is the best way to show off your style and glamorous sense of fashion and walk out of the house with a red carpet-worthy look. When you feel as if your outfit isn’t making enough of a statement, a feathered accessory is all you need to spice things up.

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Feathered T-Shirts

#5 Feathered T-shirts:

A T-shirt and pair of jeans may seem like a boring and plain outfit, but that’ll never be the case when you opt for a feathered t-shirt which is a glamorous twist to the classic old trend that we all go for on a lazy day.

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Feathered Mini Dress

#6 Feathered Midi Dress:

Midi dresses are already all the rage this year, which is why a feathered midi dress has taken our breath away and is really something that looks ideal for a red carpet-event.

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#7 Feathered Slides:

Who said you couldn’t put comfort and glamour in the same fashion article? Feathered slides are a universally adored trend due to their ability to look effortlessly chic and be incredibly comfy at the same time.


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Feathered Coat

#8 Feathered Coat:

If a large coat wasn’t extravagant enough for you, adorning the piece with a luxurious feather will definitely make the statement that you’re willing for and will easily make you look like the chicest chick on the block.

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Now that you’re up to date with the details of the brand-new feather trend, you can glam up your wardrobe easily by following these 8 voguish versions of the universally loved feather trends and unleash your inner runway model in your day-to-day wear.

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