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Amazon Prime Day will last 48 Hours This Year—Here is How You Can Benefit…

Amazon has held the Prime Day event every summer, starting in 2015. Since then, the popularity of Prime Day has been growing each year. One could say, Prime Day is Amazon’s summertime version of Black Friday. However, it’s only available for its subscribers – Amazon runs such a sale to drive up its Prime membership count.

The event usually lasted 24 hours in previous years (except for 2017 when it was an incredibly successful 30-hour and 2018 36-hour sale). But Amazon Prime Day is no longer a one-day event. This year’s sale will start at midnight 12 a.m. (PT) on Monday, July 15, and go all the way through to 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, July 16. This year it will last for 2 full days (48 hours). It means that from a 24-hour celebration it has now transformed into a full-on shopping spree.

It will feature around one million deals. What is more, on top of the usual countries: the US, UK, Mexico, Japan, Span, India, Italy, Germany, China, Canada, Austria, France, and Belgium the sale will be extended to more countries: Singapore, Australia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands…

During Prime Day, Amazon offers thousands of deals. This year, more than a million products will be discounted. Not all at the same time—e.g. some of them will be available only during certain hours, and some are all-day offers. In past years, Amazon has offered discounts on its most popular products including Amazon Echo and Kindle devices, followed by video game consoles, smart home appliances, and TVs. This trend is very likely to continue this year. Moreover, there will be Lightning Deals – products at dramatic price drops offered for a very short period of time.

Who can benefit 

Technically, only Amazon Prime subscribers can participate in Amazon Prime Day. However, sometimes vendors offer discounts that are available to all shoppers. If you haven’t signed up for a membership yet, you can still collect a 30-day free trial

Are there any early deals? 

Yes, there are plenty of early deals you can benefit from. It all depends on the category you’re shopping for. For example, Amazon Handmade Prime-exclusive deals—some of which will launch on Prime Day. This means you should start watching the Prime Deals right now! If you’re afraid that finding the deals you want can be hard, no worries. You can always check in with us from time to time and download the Amazon app on your phone and look through upcoming deals for the categories you are interested in. 

What deals to wait for 

There are so many things to go on sale during Prime Day… However, there are some categories and products that are more likely to see discounts this year:

– Fashion – You will get deals of up to 80% off.

– Smart home – this category is about to be marked up even 40% off.

– Video games – especially deals on Nintendo and Xbox are worth checking out. 

– Toys – LEGO, Fingerlings, Crayola – among the others, those brands are waiting for Prime members.       

 Prime Day and you 

There are lots of Amazon Prime deals that you will be able to benefit from. So, if you want to get in on these savings, here are a few steps you can take: Sign up for an Amazon Prime Subscription—even if it’s just the 30 days free trial (you can cancel after), sign up for an alert from Amazon, and sign up to our newsletter, to be notified of the deals as we spot them.

Don’t let this year’s epic Amazon Prime Day slip by without catching some of the amazing deals that are in store for you.

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