Biggest Beauty Trends To Follow

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone With the Biggest Beauty Trends for 2019

Much like fashion, beauty trends change every year and as hard as it is to say goodbye to our favorite trends, these changes are for the best.

For the year 2019, the beauty trends are all about stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing the fiery statements you would’ve been afraid to try out in previous years. The beauty situation this year matches the fashion trends perfectly; they’re both simply bold and statement-making.

Although beauty trends this year haven’t lost their roots of innocent makeup such as dewy skin and perfectly flushed cheeks with the right amount of bronzer, people have developed a liking for a pop of color or a metallic statement in 2019. Read on to find out the top 8 beauty trends you must follow this year.

Glossy Makeup

#1 Glossy Makeup:

A glimmering and Glossy Makeup look consisting of smooth highlighter, lip gloss, and eye oil has been considered the perfect everyday look for this year, and we can’t think of a reason to disagree.

#2 Velvet Lips:

Red lips are a classic that keeps coming each year looking better than ever and this year, they’ve come back with a more velvety and smooth twist which will especially appeal to people most in the winter.

#3 Prominent Lashes:

Whether it’s a lash lift, fake bottom lashes, or fashion-colored lash extensions, eyelashes are one of the main focuses this year and will immediately bring attention to your refined makeup and beautiful eyes.

#4 Yoga Skin:

This one isn’t as easy to achieve, but soft, dewy, and visibly revitalized skin is the hot trend this year and always adds extra points to your look, so make sure you keep that cucumber water coming!

Almond-shaped Nails

#5 Almond-shaped Nails:

Moving on from the wild trend of the long, sharp nails of 2018 to a more sophisticated, almond-shaped and short-length manicure is all that we’re about this year.

Neat Brows

#6 Neat Brows:

While last year held an obsession for messy, feathered brows, we’re using brow gel and precisely brushing our brows this year for a neater and bolder expression.

Short Messy Hair

#7 Short Messy Hair:

Gone are the days of the Kardashian middle part and long, sleek hair. This year, we’re being more carefree with our short and adorably unkempt hair. For a futuristic look, grey hair dye is all that you need.

Metallic Eyes

#8 Metallic Eyes:

There’s nothing more modish and voguish than a metallic pop in the middle of a minimalistic look to give you a futuristic, and your eyes are the best way to put that glamorous shadow to use.

No matter how dull you think your outfit is, you can always embrace these brand-new beauty trends to brighten up your look instantly while feeling and looking more confident. The boldness and futurism of trends like metallic accents, bright lips, and grey hair are all you need this year for a fresher and updated appearance.

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