Bring Sexy Back With These 7 Cardigan Trends

7 creative ways to style this chic cardigan trend for a sexy touch

When you think of cardigans, you think of something that your grandma wears or something you pushed at the back of your closet and never ended up wearing. However, that’s not the case this year as that sober article has made a comeback in a more voguish and sexy way. Whether you wear it as a chic standalone top with your favorite jeans or as an extra layer to give extra points to your look, cardigans have found a way to look fashionable in any way. Here are 7 creative ways to style this chic cardigan trend and add a sexy touch to your everyday style.


#1 Cardigan + Tucked In Tee + Pencil Skirt:

This look is equally professional as it is fashionable and will show off your figure in the best way possible. With its sophisticated style and vintage appeal, there is no way you won’t be turning heads everywhere you go, even at work.

supermodel Bella Hadid

#2 Standalone Cardigan + Baggy Jeans:

For a more subtle, everyday look, opting for just a light cardigan and pairing with a baggy pair of jeans would be the best idea and it’s evident in the way supermodel Bella Hadid rocks it in a casual yet sexy way.

#3 Wool Cardigan + Bandeau Top:

There’s nothing chicer than a shrunken wool cardigan, so when you pair it with a matching bandeau top like our favorite supermodel Kendall Jenner did, it’ll take your look to the next level and immediately make you look spring ready.

Cardigan Mini Skirt

#4 Cardigan + Mini Skirt:

A cardigan that matches the length of your mini skirt will make the perfect outfit for a first date. Another alternative for this fashionable outfit is to just replace the tank top and long cardigan with a shrunken cardigan and wear it as a standalone top.

Long Cardigan Button Up Skinny Jeans

#5 Long Cardigan + Button Up + Skinny Jeans:

A long cardigan on top of a smart, plain button-up and a pair of chic skinny jeans make up for the perfect fall outfit. For a modern and statement-making twist to that look, go for a colorful and contemporary-style cardigan.

#6 Shrunken Cardigan + Pants:

This look screams ‘business casual’ when mixed and matched with the right colors and patterns. Tuck in the shrunken cardigan for a sleeker look. However, if you want to go for a fancier look, opt for a pair of embroidered pants.

#7 Standalone Cardigan + Skinny Jeans:

This look is simple, straightforward, and stylish. It’s perfect for a casual Sunday brunch or a trip to the mall as it’s quick, effortless, and extremely chic. Accessorize this look with layered necklaces and a round bag if you want to rock it at a more formal event.

Those are only a few ways to style the classic fashion article that is a cardigan but there are endless ways you can pair a sexy cardigan with other pieces for the perfect Anna Wintour inspired look.

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