How to Style Biker Shorts to Look Expensive Spring 2019

How to Style Biker Shorts to Look Expensive Spring 2019

How to style biker shorts this spring 2019 on a budget and look expensive

BIKER SHORTS are a big trend of late. You no doubt see a few top models and celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jasmine Sanders, and Kourtney Kardashian wearing them. But before you dismiss this trend thinking it’s not for you, here are a few things to consider.

  • They are getting popular, so you won’t feel uncomfortable wearing them.
  • These small bottoms are comfortable enough to wear pretty much everywhere, especially this spring and summer.
  • Lots of people love them because biker shorts can be styled many ways and they’re super affordable.

You’re probably wondering; what are biker shorts, what are the different types, how to style them, and where to buy them. Don’t worry, we will cover all those areas for you.

What are Biker Shorts?

Without boring you with a long tail history and a description of what biker shorts really are, I want to tell you upfront; they are not real pants. We could be wrong. What we are referring to, are short stretchy lightweight bottom pieces, mainly worn by fashion-forwarded ladies. Let’s call them short leggings, for short. They are made mainly of spandex material. That’s one reason they are so stretchy and comfortable.

What are the different types?

You may see a few of these around and say to yourself – these look darn good. Some of these bike shorts are eye-catching. We have seen some solid black ones. These blacks shorts can be worn with almost any top. Then there is plaid, sequins, brushed print, camo print, snake print, etc.

You can find these shorts in the regular length, and the longer version for taller ladies. If you are into stuff like metallic and leather, then go for it.

If you like to do sets, those are trendy too. And for the more conservative and modest types, yes you are been catered for as well. Before we get into where you can buy some of these amazing little babes, let’s see what to style them with.

What to wear them with?

Now, this is the fun stuff. And we know you like fun. You can even go wild if you choose because biker shorts can be styled in many ways. Pinterest has a whole host of ways how these can be styled.

Kim Kardashian-West reignites this trend by wearing them with blazers. You can twist these up however you like, For example, you could go with a belted waist, double- or triple-breasted, or just a cape will be fine. One neat thing about long blazers is their ability to cover your butt if you don’t want it to show.

If you would like a different look, shoot for anything baggy. A gigantic sweater, oversized t-shirt, and even an oversized jacket of your liking.

Do you have a fanny pack you could strap around one of these? That’s a street style to push this spring and summer.

Another fashion-forward take on this is with some black high heels. Those will sourly take your sexiness up a couple of notches. If you do decide to go with some sandals, go with heeled sandals.

Like most, you will love this style, of biker shorts and sneakers. You should consider wearing that look at the beach this summer. With sneakers, the contrasting look is best (black shorts and white sneakers). How about some booties, that too is a killer style, Kim-K likes to rock that one.

Where to buy amazing biker shorts at a good deal

While our aim is to put you in touch with the most amazing deals online, if your preferred method of shopping is to walk into say a Walmart or another brick-&-mortar store to pick up some bike shorts, you may find great ones there.

We have identified a few online stores with an amazing lineup of biker shorts. SHEIN has cool ones. Another online store that has a wide selection at a dirt price is Aliexpress. And with Aliexpress you can get free worldwide shipping. We also saw some at Pretty Little Thing and FashionNova.

Amazingly, if you have not done so, you could sign up for a cashback program like Ebates. This way you will save further as you shop online.

Take a look at these biker shorts on Amazon here >>

Check out these biker shorts styles on Pinterest >>

Call it whatever you please, biker shorts/short leggings, are gracing the streets right now. They’re 2019 spring and summer hot trend picks. So, you shouldn’t be afraid to jazz them up to your heart’s content.

We say, go for the styles that make you feel comfortable and confident. If you are in the mood for a baggy or crop-top, sneakers or heels, or just some booties, you will look amazing. If you like the look, then go for it. You owe it to yourself to jump on this trend while it’s hot.

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