How To Style Your Scarves in 5 Different Ways for Summer

How To Style Your Scarves in 5 Different Way for Summers

A scarf is one of the most versatile fashion items that can be styled all throughout the year in every season. While summer’s a very hot season, scarves still can be worn as a fashion statement depending upon the fabric and colors that you are going to be needing in this season. Summers are all about bright-colored and lightweight fabrics which make your outfit go from nothing to something. If you are out of ideas as to how you can style your scarves for these summers, then read ahead to find out the top 5 chic ways you can wear one.

The Basic One Loop Style
  1. The Basic One Loop Style:

If you are a lady who has very little time to get ready before leaving the house but still wants to look very classy and stylish, this scarf style is the best one for you. It can be any fabric scarf, not just a lace like in the picture above, all you need to do is throw it over your neck and wrap it around once to create a loop.

2. Tunic Style:

Want to attend a cocktail party and have decided to wear an off-shoulder sleeves dress? No worries, as you can cover yourself up with a nice scarf. If your dress is plain, try wearing a big printed scarf that you can fake as a tunic like in the picture above. Your outfit needs not be a dress only, you can also wear it over a tank top and a pair of skinny jeans or shorts.

Western Neck style Scarf

3. Western Neck:

This scarf style is a must-try for summer because of its unique way of wearing it. The western neck scarf is perfect for an office look when you have important meetings to attend. If you want to style this look, then a printed, bright-colored scarf that is preferable of silk fabric would do. The reason is that a regular scarf won’t give that final sleek look that a silk scarf would give with this scarf style.

4. A Neckerchief:

Inspired by a handkerchief style you see in restaurants on tables, fashion has one of the most unexpected and exceptional ways of getting inspiration for trends. A neckerchief scarf is another chic way of styling a scarf for this summer season. For this look, you can get those bandanas-styled scarves as it would make it easier to style this way.

The Ascot Knot Scarf

5. The Ascot Knot:

The last one on the list is the ascot knot. If you are planning on wearing a deep-neck top or dress, then this scarf style would be perfect. Being wrapped around the neck gracefully, you can go for silk scarves and wear nice deep necks to really compliment your accessory for the day.

So, ladies, with these 5 chic styles of wearing a scarf, it’s time that you pick your favorite look for the summer and enjoy the sunny days with the most stylish scarves everyone would be loving on you.

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