Super Chic Wedding & Graduation Wears

Can’t Find That Super Chic Wedding Or Graduation Evening Wear? -Don’t Worry These 9 Stores Got You Covered!

“The way you dress is an expression of your personality.” –Alessandro Michele

Whether you have a graduation ceremony coming or your wedding is just around the corner, the first question that comes to mind is “What am I going to wear?”

Trust me, we all have been there. Finding the right dress for your special occasions can be a hassle because of a lot of factors.

If you find a beautiful dress, it is usually very expensive, and if you’re fortunate to find an affordable one, the cheap details of the dress might put you off.

The main problem about these dresses is that they are usually worn only once or twice, so spending an arm and a leg on a dress that you will barely wear twice is not a wise decision.

If you are on the hunt for a perfect wedding dress or an evening graduation dress that is both trendy and affordable then you have come to the right place.

We have handpicked 9 of the best boutiques that specialize in wedding and graduation dresses at such a reasonable price rate. So, without further ado, let’s get into this!

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#1 New Chic:

Price Range: $7 – $112

Starting in the year 2015, New Chic has been providing its customers with the trendiest solutions to their fashion problems. They have a wide variety of dresses for every occasion, whether it is a graduation party, a wedding function, or even your best friend’s bridal shower.

Their dresses are made up of premium quality material and feature the most up-to-date designs and silhouettes. From bold solids to pretty floral, and creative geometric prints, you will find dresses of all kinds on New Chic.

Their size variety is also a factor that sets them apart from the rest of the boutiques. The huge size range ensures that women with all kinds of body shapes and sizes get to wear the trendiest clothes without any hassle.

Their constant sales and deals have also got you covered for major budget buys. New Chic houses dress from affordable yet high-quality brands like FRMZ, Graciela, Tang Jie, etc. So, hurry up and head over to New Chic and get your hands on a chic evening dress for your upcoming formal occasions.

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#2 Eric Dress:

Price Range: $53 – $634

We all are aware of the fact that wedding dresses can sometimes cost you an arm and a leg. Eric Dresses was stabled in the year 2012 with an aim to provide high-quality and affordable clothing and accessories to their customers.

They have fashion articles for both men and women but their wedding gown section is the real hit. At Eric Dress, you can find wedding gowns of all sizes and silhouettes that are perfect for various wedding themes, without breaking the bank. From bridesmaids’ dresses to bridal gowns and dresses for the bride’s mother, you can find everything under one roof at Eric Dress.

They ship their ensembles to more than 200 countries worldwide which makes it easier for brides all around the globe to get their hands on affordable wedding gowns. Not only wedding gowns, but they also have a wide collection of elegant bridal accessories, that too at a really low price rate.

You can also order trendy or traditional veils from this web store to complete your wedding look without any hassle of running around from one boutique to another.

#3 Dresslily:

Price Range: $6 – $ 111

One can never have enough summer dresses. This web store Dresslily is a one-stop shop for all your fashion needs. This international fashion store specializes in both men’s and women’s wear. The best part about Dresslily is, of course, the dresses.

They have a myriad of dresses for all body shapes, sizes, and different occasions. The price range of these dresses is phenomenal considering the high-quality material used in the making of these dresses.

You can easily get your hands on a classy graduation dress or a bridesmaid dress without burning a hole through your wallet. The chic and elegant dresses are perfect for almost all occasions because of their versatile designs and practical fabric choice. Whether your style leans more towards retro, classy, boho, or contemporary, you will find a suitable dress for yourself from Dresslily.

Their little black dresses are perfect for a sophisticated graduation party. To make sure their customers enjoy the best prices available in the market, Dresslily provides amazing deals and coupon codes to their regular and new customers.

Plum Pretty Sugar

#4 Plum Pretty Sugar:

Price Range: $60 – $150

If you want some high street bridal robes or bridesmaid’s dresses, then Plum Pretty Sugar is the place to check out. Started in 2009, Plum Pretty Sugar won the hearts of most brides and bridesmaids with its unique and high-end wedding apparel.

Their sustainable clothing brand is nothing less than luxury but a lot more affordable. They are committed to reducing fashion waste, which is a major environmental issue these days.

For all the brides who want to host an earth-friendly wedding party, Plum Pretty Sugar is your stop shop for all your wedding apparel must-haves. Their reasonable prices with premium quality arterial allow them to stand out and make a statement among several wedding attire brands.

This brand has a classic variety of colors, cuts, and designs to ensure there is one dress for every girl out there. Plum Pretty Sugar is the best option to go for if you prefer a minimalist lifestyle, in terms of fashion consumerism.

Their clothes are known for their versatility and practicality. Most wedding apparel is usually worn once or twice but Plum Pretty Sugar has uniquely designed articles that can be used in different ways for different occasions.

beautiful wedding wears from Amazon

#5 Amazon:

Price Range: Variable

We all know where to turn to when we can’t find something but we urgently need it. Yes, it is Amazon. Amazon is not only known for its amazing house appliances, electronics, industrial gadgets, and etc but also for a massive fashion section that has everything from casual tank tops, denim to elegant evening gowns.

The price range of Amazon products varies from seller to seller but you can always do some research before proceeding to the checkout. Amazon has a variety of color options as well when it comes to bridal gowns which are perfect for girls who want to wear something other than white at their wedding. They ship internationally and provide deals and discounts occasionally for the ease of their customers.

As Amazon has sellers from all around the world, the quality of the material varies too. So, make sure to properly read the description before ordering your bridal dress.

You can also complete your look with the beautiful veils available on the website at such a reasonable price rate. They also have a bunch of beautiful evening gowns that are fit for a formal graduation party.

#6 TB Dress:

Price Range: $47 – $622

If you want to be a bit flexible with your budget but still don’t want to spend your entire life’s savings on just your wedding dress, then check out TB Dress for the most gorgeous and sophisticated bridal dresses.

This international fashion web store is the one-stop shop for all your fashion requirements and trusts us, the products over here won’t disappoint you. Their easy-on-the-pocket price range makes this store perfect for almost all budgets.

TB Dress also provides custom-made dresses that their customers enjoy. They have a huge variety of wedding dresses of all silhouettes be it fishtail, A-line, ball gown, flared, or with a long trail. TB Dress ships to over 230 countries which makes it easier for women all around the world to get their hands on an affordable wedding dress.

Apart from wedding gowns, they also have reasonably priced bridesmaid dresses and graduation dresses. From classy little black dresses to solid-colored maxi dresses and lace-embellished ones, TB Dress has it all.

Casual Dresses Floral Sleeveless Casual Dress - Burgundy. Size: L

#7 Fairy Season:

Price Range: $4 – $33

You’d think that it’s impossible to find a fancy dress for a wedding or graduation party under $10, but Fairy Season has come to your rescue to make the impossible very much possible.

With over 10 years of offline fashion experience, the shop has one of the most varied yet affordable collections of evening wear that we’ve seen so far. From appealing A-line dresses to professional mini dresses, this website has all that you need to find the perfect dress for your graduation ceremony or after-party.

Fairy Season offers absolutely free shipping on all orders over $69, which is a deal that we simply can’t resist. Their reasonable prices make their chic and trendy products enjoyable for everyone who’s looking to buy some eye-catching evening wear without completely breaking the bank.

What’s more is that most of their products are on sale right now, including solid-colored flare dresses which will be perfect for your graduation, so get your hands on these shockingly affordable and high-quality dresses as soon as you can.


#8 Lila Bjorn:

Price Range: 7,80€ – 376,68€

Lila Bjorn is a European online fashion store that has everything that comes under the category of men’s and women’s fashion. From suits to casual wear to dresses to swimwear and lingerie, they have everything at Lila Bjorn.

Apart from that, they also have other accessories like perfumes, makeup, gift sets, etc. The satisfaction of their customers is their top priority and to ensure a good relationship with their customers, they always provide them with good discounts, deals, and coupons.  They have a huge variety of classy dresses that are perfect for graduation parties and wedding ceremonies.

Their affordable dress collection attracts a lot of women around the world, considering they are all very high in terms of quality. Their floral dresses are one of their best sellers because of their fresh and unique print designs.

You can also get your hands on a flowy bridesmaid dress from Lila Bjorn for a fun, beach-themed wedding. Lila Bjorn houses a lot of renowned European brands which makes it easier for men and women to find a variety of options just under one roof.

2019 Luxury Beaded Long Sleeves Mermaid African Wedding Dress

#9 Aliexpress:

Price Range: Varies

Aliexpress is one of those prominent web stores that we all turn to whenever we need something at a wholesale price rate. The variety of products available on Aliexpress is infinite. The same goes for their fashion section, whether it is for wedding dresses or just casual wear.

The prices on their website are quite affordable and the options to choose from are endless. Just make sure to properly read the description of the product and check for reviews about the seller before you make a purchase. The best part about Aliexpress is that it ships all around the globe and the shipping charges depend on the part of the world t is being shipped from.

You can also get replicas of high street bridal gowns at Aliexpress without paying thousands of dollars for just one dress. So, grab the evening gown, or wedding dress that you have been looking for without paying a fortune for it and make a statement on your big day.

You will find the most beautiful and chic dresses at the above-mentioned stores without burning a hole in your pocket. Their unique and contemporary designs will make you look nothing less than a runway model, we bet.

From elegant wedding gowns to uber-trendy graduation dresses, these web stores have it all. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and grab your credit cards to shop your heart out at these stores and make a grand statement at your wedding or graduation.

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